Just as they are designed in-house, our kitchens are also fabricated entirely in-house. This work is the fruit of a process in which human qualities are fundamental, together with the quality of technologies and materials. The attentive controls of our manufacturing technicians during automated and precision processes are followed by phases of manual finishing and customisations, informed by the know-how and attention to details born of a tradition of craftsmanship with deep roots in our territory.

20,000 square metres with:
  • the heart of a craftsman, where staff highly skilled in the use of the latest technologies work side by side with others who create custom made pieces with the hands of an artisan
  • a warehouse optimised in its spaces and procedures, with an automated loading dock where products never touch the ground thanks to a system of compressed air and conveyor belts
  • an obsessive attention toward packaging that neutralises any impacts our products may suffer during shipment. Our packaging consists of cardboard, non-woven fabric, Pluriball and heat-shrink nylon.
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