Does Doimo Cucine offer custom made kitchens?

Doimo Cucine proposes modular kitchens. This means they are studied and designed to suit any space, or almost. Often, we encounter specific situations that require us to make custom modifications to satisfy our clients’ needs.

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How much does a quality kitchen cost?

It is impossible to respond to this question with a reliable number.
There are so many factors that can influence the price of a kitchen: its size, specific materials, finishes, accessories, and so on.

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Broken drying rack? Here’s how to receive a new one.

Should your above-sink dish drying rack break, generally because it has been overloaded, Doimo Cucine will provide a new one via its retailers. Instead, if it breaks because there was something wrong with the original part, keep your kitchen warranty handy and contact your retailer. The retailer will verify the anomaly and, once it has been confirmed, proceed with the substitution of the drying rack free of charge.

To substitute your above-sink drying rack, contact the store where you purchased your kitchen or find the retailer closest to you.

Appliance substitution: who to contact?

To substitute an appliance or receive specific instructions, always contact the appliance manufacturer’s customer service centre. This is equally true when an appliance malfunctions during the warranty period (2 to 5 years depending on the product) as when an appliance arrives damaged, despite even the most careful shipping and handling. Remember to have your invoice at hand, together with all documents accompanying the appliance, stored inside the appliance itself when it arrived.

Need to replace the gas springs on your upper cabinets?

Ask your Doimo Cucine retailer for assistance. You will need to provide the numeric code labelled on the springs, together with the dimensions of the cabinet fronts (width and height). Find the retailer closest to you.