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The heart of an artisan and technology: two souls that guide the metamorphosis of ideas into reality.

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Situated in the territory of the March of Treviso, between the area’s hills and the Piave River, where our roots run deep, our factory is a work of modern architecture that is also respectful of the natural environment. Its more than 20,000 square metres are surrounded by a vast expanse of landscaping. This is where we work, with an internal staff of more than 80 people: from design to fabrication, from offices to warehouses

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Production. The heart of an artisan and technological perfection: two coinciding souls. Hands and eyes that guide the metamorphosis of ideas into reality.

Just as they are designed in-house, our kitchens are also fabricated entirely in-house. This work is the fruit of a process in which human qualities are fundamental, together with the quality of technologies and materials. The attentive controls of our manufacturing technicians during automated and precision processes are followed by phases of manual finishing and customisations, informed by the know-how and attention to details born of a tradition of craftsmanship with deep roots in our territory.

Warehouse. Attention is measured in the space between waiting and an answer. Going the distance is a constant challenge: it demands momentum, coordination and team spirit. Our solutions for the kitchen environment reach our retailers and clients on time, with a guarantee of impeccable quality and satisfaction.

To achieve this we created an optimised and automated warehouse inside which products are transported using compressed air systems and conveyor belts that ensure everything remains integral.

Additionally, before being shipped to their destination, each element is protected by resistant packaging, personalised and labelled with all tracking information and technical data: an extra attention for those who receive and install our kitchens.

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