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Sostenibilità 2000 X 1250 3 - Doimo Cucine


We create solutions that stand the tests of time, without wasting energy or materials.

Doimo Cucine for the environment
Our concept of sustainability means achieving a balance that generates advantages for those who choose us, for the company and for the planet.

Our clients are looking for a quality kitchen, in harmony with their individual personality and space: we create solutions that stand the tests of time, without wasting energy or materials.

Sostenibilità 2000 X 1250 - Doimo Cucine
Doimo Cucine sostenibilità 1
Doimo Cucine sostenibilità 3
Doimo Cucine sostenibilità
Doimo Cucine sostenibilità

A daily commitment

To ensure that sustainability reaches every Doimo Cucine collaborator, we protect and support their commitments, from design to production to shipping. All of these processes take place internally and have been, and continue to be, calibrated to support All-arounD.

To protect the environment

Deforestation, pollution and climate change now represent vital challenges faced by all humanity: we utilise materials that do not deplete forests, we respect the strictest emissions regulations, we heat our manufacturing area using a high-efficiency system.
5.300 Sq.m of photovoltaic system
376.000 kg of reduction in Co2 emitted into the atmosphere each year
49.000 Trees saved each year

Eco-compatible approach

The sensibility toward an ecological and eco-compatible approach is evident in the large park surrounding our factory, in our ecological, all-electric and low energy consuming heating system based on ionic acceleration, and in our photovoltaic system installed in a 5,300 m2 area.

Sustainability - Doimo Cucine

Ecological and
certified carcasses

The structure and shelves of the carcasses of All-arounD are IdroLEB wood particle board panels. They are certified FSC Mix because they are made from a combination of wood and cellulose from responsibly managed and controlled forests. They also boast formaldehyde emissions low enough to respect the most restrictive regulations, created by the Japaneses. Since 2008 Doimo Cucine reaches the highest levels of this standard, F****.

Sostenibilità - Doimo Cucine

A cleaner world
with Doimo Cucine

Studies conducted by leading research laboratories demonstrate that the formaldehyde emissions of the panel utilised by Doimo Cucine are 70% lower than European norms and approximately 40% less than the prescriptions of the already restrictive CARB TSCA American standard. Less emissions means more safety for our clients.

Sostenibilità 3 - Doimo Cucine

All-arounD System

All-arounD is the representation of our vision


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