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Supply chains come together to create successful products

Supply chains come together to create successful products

A recent event was held, one of the initiatives promoted by We.Do Holding, of which we are a part, open to all suppliers to help us grow together. Proposals included new tools and streamlined supply chains.

In early June, We.Do Holding, the group to which we belong, met with its suppliers to discuss common themes. It was a means for creating a cohesive supply chain, that grows together to ensure quality products fabricated by companies employing state-of-the-art methods to confront issues such as supply chain, reliability, certifications, ratings, etc.

During the event we presented the supply chain project “Supply Echosystem”, open to volunteers. The project focuses on creating an independent third party dedicated to procurement and services for the group’s eleven companies, together with their suppliers. This innovative network contract defines a solid and reliable system of supply chain certification and rating, new financial instruments, more possibilities for sustainability, and improved shared know-how.

The proposal is based on the model of the extended company – or collaborative companies,  as defined by the European Agenda for the collaborative economy from 2016 – and is intent on optimising the supply chain during the management of manufacturing processes (warehousing, logistics and transport, to mention a few) through the transfer of skills and knowledge among different components, the shared use of technical, manufacturing, commercial, organisational and digital resources, an openness toward forms of co-participation in results and, finally, even the sharing of staff.

Supply Echosystem thus pursues a more efficient centralised solution through an osmosis of skills across the lead company, its companies and its chain of suppliers, and a solid and reliable system of supply chain certification and rating, new financial instruments and real possibilities to be more sustainable, thanks also to the sustainable supply chain contract signed with Intesa Sanpaolo.

“In the majority of situations involving our supply chain – the president of We.Do Holding Andrea Olivi explained – there exist an asymmetry that maximalises benefits for the leading company. The same approach can also be found in general contractor supply models, which generate value by “wringing” the supplier. Our project, instead, is highly innovative as it sets out from the search for conveniences among the different subjects involved (a collaborative “win-win” approach) and, naturally, for the group’s companies”.

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