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Kitchens in HPL are resistant, practical, hygienic and affordable. They are available in a vast range of finishes, different colours and with effects of stone, marble, metal and cement.
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What is HPL?

HPL stands for “high pressure laminate”. Unlike other laminates, it does not have a wood fibre base, but is made from a unique body of cellulose fibre layers soaked in phenolic resins. It is then finished in one or more external layers of cellulose fibres with an aesthetic function, soaked in thermo hardening resins. Panels are then compacted under high pressure. The result is a highly resistant product.

Characteristics of HPL

HPL offers the following characteristics:

  • waterproof, meaning that it can be used for sinks and wash basins
  • impermeable to oil and food acids
  • resistance to vapour and high temperatures (up to 180°C)
  • resistance to impacts and scratches

Kitchen fronts in HPL

HPL kitchen fronts offer a vast choice of colours and aesthetic finishes that simulate marble, stone and cement, in addition to offering a wide range of decorations. They are all easy to clean and very hygienic.

Stratificato HPL 2 - Doimo Cucine

Kitchen work tops in HPL

HPL work tops are very practical because they are highly resistant and available in different thicknesses. They can be used to create single surfaces of considerable dimensions ideal for large spaces. HPL is also often used to create splashes in cooking areas and matching shelves.

Stratificato HPL - Doimo Cucine

How to clean a kitchen in HPL

HPL is easy and quick to clean. Use a soft cloth soaked in hot water and dry carefully to avoid streaking and opaque zones. It is also possible to use a soft cloth and a diluted neutral liquid detergent, followed by a rinse and gentle drying.


  • stubborn stains, use soft brushes with nylon bristles or let the detergent act on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly
  • limescale stains use a sponge soaked in tepid water or a dash of vinegar; wait 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and drying

Avoid the use of:

  • scouring pads
  • abrasive or scouring creams
  • powder detersives
  • detergents or limescale removers containing acids or highly acidic salts (hydrochloric acid, formic acid or sulfamic acid-based)
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