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A material with high performance
Stoneware ceramic is a high performance and highly attractive solution for the kitchen

Practical and hard-wearing, it is available in textures that simulate other materials, such as marble and stone. Hygienic and ecological, it is also ideal for a green kitchen.

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What is ceramic?

Ceramic, or porcelain stoneware, is a composite material made from natural raw materials (carefully selected and refined clays and minerals) worked to obtain a uniform powder. This mixture is then laid flat, compacted, decorated and baked at 1200°C. The result is an indivisible and extremely resistant material that takes the form of large format ceramic tiles (1580×3200 mm), between 3 and 12 mm thick.

Characteristics of ceramic

Ceramic is an optimum choice for the kitchen because it is ecological. Slabs and tiles are made from additive-free natural elements. They remain in perfect harmony with nature throughout their lifecycle because they can be pulverised and recycled. What is more, stoneware slabs are also:

  • hygienic and suitable for direct contact with food
  • 99.9% waterproof thanks to their non-porous structure
  • extremely resistant to scratches, impact and use
  • extremely resistant to humidity, heat and temperature changes
  • extremely resistant to stains
  • resistant to funguses and moulds
  • resistant to sunlight

Kitchen fronts in ceramic

Ceramic kitchen fronts are made from a surface layer of stoneware applied to a support. At Doimo Cucine, for example, we use 4 mm panels mounted on an extruded aluminium frame. Solid and lightweight, this material is highly resistant, also to corrosion, and guarantees notable durability. It is also ecological and 100% recyclable. The aluminium parts are visible only when the doors are open.

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Kitchen work tops in ceramic

Ceramic worktops offer the notable advantage of being made from a single slab, up to 1580×3200 mm in size. Even larger tops can be easily created by jointing slabs. At Doimo Cucine we generally use 12 mm thick slabs, though thicker tops are possible. The same material can also be used in the cooking area to realise low and full-height backsplashes that are waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean.

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How to clean a ceramic kitchen

The day to day cleaning of ceramic surfaces in the kitchen is very easy. All that is required is a soft cloth or sponge and warm water, and eventually a neutral detergent. After cleaning, rinse generously with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. The quicker stains are wiped away, the better. When using more aggressive detergents for persistent stains it is a good idea to test them on a small or less visible area of stoneware.

Stubborn stains can be cleaned using limescale remover, bleach, acetone and ammonia. Limescale remover should be wiped away after no more than 10 minutes and the surface rinsed with water and dried. Bleach should only be used to dampen a soft cloth used to rub the surface for a few seconds. After 2 to 3 minutes the stain should disappear; if the stain resists, insist with direct contact, taking care not to leave products on the surface for more than 10 minutes. Always rinse with generous amounts of water and dry the surface. For ink and pen stains clean the area immediately with trichloroethylene or turpentine, rinse and dry taking care not to leave a halo on the surface.


  • leaving stains of liquids such as coffee, red wine or tea to dry
  • the use of abrasive detergents or sponges
  • dragging plates, pots, knives or small appliances across the surface
  • cutting food directly on the worktop
  • using products containing waxes that could lead to the formation of opaque patinas

N.B. Surfaces in polished ceramic are more sensitive to stains, scratches and chemical products than opaque versions, though they continue to offer excellent performance.

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