Handle and Opening Systems

Modern modular kitchens are often characterised by the use of invisible groove handles. In reality, there exists a vast range of handles and opening systems to meet almost every aesthetic and functional choice. Different situations calls for different handles. For example, in the presence of large cabinet fronts the vertical groove is undoubtedly one of the most valid aesthetic options, while the full height applied handle, also vertical, is the most comfortable because it makes opening the cabinets simple, fast and easy.

Handle Types
Groove Handle
Flat Groove Handle
Applied Handle
Push-Pull Mechanisms
Hinges, Slides and Opening Systems
Overlay Cabinet Fronts
Top Hinged Cabinet Fronts
Oblique Sliding Cabinet Fronts
Folding Cabinet Fronts
Retractable Cabinet Fronts
Pull Out Cabinet Fronts

Handle Types

Groove Handle. A traditional groove handle uses a “C” or “L” shape based on its function. Most are in extruded aluminium with a natural finish, or painted white or black, or lacquered.

Flat Groove Handle. This handle consists of a metal profile running along the top edge of the cabinet front, or a bevel on the cabinet front itself that makes it easier to open.

Applied Handle. The world of applied handles is vast, from the simple knob to the bridge handle in varying lengths, mounted horizontally or vertically on tall cabinets. Doimo Cucine proposes handles in wood, precious materials or metal in various finishes, from matt to chrome to burnished.

Push-Pull Mechanisms. A practical, elegant system with clean lines guaranteed by a pressure piston fixed to the cabinetry behind the front panels.

Hinges, Slides and Opening Systems

Overlay cabinet fronts. The classical cabinet front that opens 90° outward. The most economical and easiest to install. Naturally they occupy space when open and, when used for upper cabinets, tend to block the view and limit movements.
Top hinged cabinet fronts. Very common for upper cabinets, they open toward the ceiling and are held in position – for safety – offering uninterrupted views and movements. They can be manual or electrically operated.
Oblique sliding cabinet fronts. Used for upper cabinets, they pull out and upward to fully open the cabinetry. They can be manual or electrically operated.
Folding cabinet fronts. Designed for upper cabinets, they fold up vertically thanks to pistons that keep them in place.
Retractable cabinet fronts. Installed on tall cabinets they provide maximum access to the cabinet interiors by opening out and retracting into the sides of the cabinetry. They create new work spaces, even more practical when they contain small appliances such as coffee makers or ovens. They can be combined with pull out work surfaces.
Pull out cabinet fronts. They can be applied to tall, base and upper cabinets. In their open position they bring the entire internal cabinetry mechanisms with them, together with all of their contents.