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Doimo Cucine Was One of the Sponsors of Planck Team

Doimo Cucine Was One of the Sponsors of Planck Team

From a technical school just outside Treviso all the way to Singapore for a “robotic” challenge. This is the story of 24 young people, their robot and a dream, made possible by a group of local companies.

They dreamt of participating in a new challenge, the “First Global Challenge 2023”, held in faraway Singapore: a robotics competition at the highest level for young people from around the globe. This is also the beautiful story of a leading school, based in the territory where Doimo Cucine is headquartered, that urges young people to put themselves out there and backs them in doing so.

The technical school and scientific high school in Lancenigo (Italy), named after the physicist  Max Planck assembled an interdisciplinary team of young people from the tenth grade up, the Planck Team, involved in robotics and automation, that builds its own robots and participates in competitions. Thanks also to the support of Doimo Cucine, 24 young people, three professors and two former students from the Planck school, and the robot they built for the competition, travelled to Asia from the 7th to 10th October to attend the First Global Challenge 2023.

The event was attended by 191 teams from different nations. “Our” Planck Team classified 58th and received two awards: the Social Media Award, for active participation in social challenges, and the Safety Award, for having demonstrated good standards of safety in their box and on the competition stage.

It is a pleasure to support the growth of our territory with such determined and innovative young people.


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