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Doimo Cucine Press Tour

Doimo Cucine Press Tour

A day dedicated to a visit from journalists to our Doimo Cucine headquarters also offered an occasion for admiring the cultural wonders and landscapes of the Veneto, all organised by our press office.

On the 14th and 15th of June we welcomed a group of journalists from publications specialised in design, magazines for architects and a more general audience to our headquarters in Nervesa della Battaglia, near Treviso.

Our press office organised and managed a two-day trip that featured a proud immersion in our region including a private visit to Villa Dei Vescovi in Torreglia, in the province of Padua. Villa Dei Vescovi is an elegant structure from the early 1500s, inspired by classical themes and surrounded by the landscapes of the Euganean Hills. An environment that speaks to the soul and nurtures the spirit with authenticity and elegance, of the kind we appreciate here at Doimo Cucine. The choice to include this taste of local culture was completed to seal our partnership with the  FAI – Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano, to which we are a Corporate Golden Donor, and to further support its activities.

The visit to our headquarters, instead, began with a meeting with our general manager Marco Martin, followed by an in-depth look at the Doimo Cucine brand, from our factory floor and in our showroom. Our guests were accompanied by Ester Vian from our marketing department and Michele Cattai from our interior design department.

Two moments enriched by suggestions and details, with questions and curiosity from the group of journalists who showed not only their interest, but also a high level of familiarity with our products and our philosophy.


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