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Doimo Cucine’s Ethical Bank of Hours

Doimo Cucine’s Ethical Bank of Hours

A form of solidarity: any member of staff can donate time off, holidays or leave to colleagues who have already utilised their personal allowance but find themselves in difficult situations or dealing with an emergency.

We created this system because we see it a fundamental pillar in the management of staff welfare. The program is rooted in an idea of solidarity, inclusion and reciprocal support among people who share their day-to-day lives, the good times life offers together with the more difficult moments we all face.

How can we offer real assistance in these situations, tactfully and without being invasive? We see the Ethical Bank of Hours as the best solution, as it creates a bank of time, offered by anonymous and volunteer donors that can be activated upon request by those who find themselves in a difficult moment and have already consumed their holidays and time off.

For every hour donated by our staff, Doimo Cucine adds another, to reinforce its commitment to being a company founded on solidarity.


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