Materia is to be seen, but even more to be touched. This collection of kitchens mixes natural with technical and innovative materials. To the touch they are silky, beginning with the base units in super matt lacquer and the extra-thick cooktop in Grafite Spazzolato marble. The room is warmed by a boiserie in thermo-treated acacia, used also for the increased height floor to ceiling tall cabinets with built-in ovens. The base cabinets feature fronts with 30° recessed edge. The side panels, mitred at 45° and jointed to the base cabinets, create the effect of a continuous surface, as if the piece were made of a single elegant block.

A Modern Kitchen with Marble

Kitchens in marble and wood are appreciated by those with a love for natural materials. At Doimo Cucine they embrace a modern design, enriched by details. For example, the effect of a solid edge for the snack top in Scalfito oak or the note of colour introduced by open metal shelving.

76 cm Wide Tall Units

American style 76 cm wide tall units are perfect for larger kitchen appliances.

Metal Shelves

This contemporary kitchen adopts wall units in open metal shelving.

Red Marble Worktop

The worktops in Rosso Francia marble are a sign of modern elegance.

Focus on

Anta a 30°

Sulla sommità dell’anta, il taglio a 30° verso l’interno crea un pratico sistema di apertura.

Fianco intero

Anta e fianco sono uniti di lato con taglio a 45° a creare un elegante effetto monoblocco.

Fianco con gola

Il taglio a 30° sulla sommità dell’anta prosegue anche sul fianco, unito a 45° all’anta stessa.

La collezione Materia di Doimo Cucine propone una meticolosa selezione di legni, come acacia termotrattata, olmo Naturale e rovere Scalfito, da abbinare a pietre e marmi per i piani di lavoro e un’ampia selezione di laccati opachi, lucidi e super matt e di melaminici per basi e colonne.

A Kitchen with a Stainless Steel Worktop

A modern wood kitchen? It features tall units and a table in Naturale elm, a Peltrox® steel worktop with built-in sink and base and tall units in Fenix NTM®. The effect is one of contrast, a mix of tradition and a taste for the industrial, plus natural and innovative technical materials.

Elm Table

This element rests on a lowered base unit and on a metal structure created for the Materia Collection.

Peltrox® Steel

The sink area and worktops are in aged-look and easy to clean Peltrox® steel.

Equipped Tall Units

An elm insert for the tall units and vertical LED lighting, shelves with a black edge and smoked glass.

A Kitchen in Wood and Marble

A classic combination of natural materials in the kitchen: marble and wood. Coveted Calacatta, with broad grey veins for the top, and rovere Scalfito Ossido (Scalfito Ossido oak). All coupled with highly desired elements, such as the walk-in pantry with a wine rack and exhaust hood concealed in the top.

Open Shelving

The island ends with an open shelving unit in contrasting materials that doubles as a pantry or display case.

Returned Groove Profile

The 30° cut at the top of the door warps around on the side panels, rendered even more elegant by the 45° mitre joint between the side panel and the door.

Materia Catalogue
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