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5 year Warranty: Now Even Easier!

5 year Warranty: Now Even Easier!

Extending the warranty on your Doimo Cucine kitchen up to 5 years is now even easier. We have revised the procedure which now functions via a QR code. Fast and simple. Only a click away.

To help you remember to extend your warranty beyond 2 years for defective parts caused by fabrication issues we have set up a procedure that reminds you on installation day. At this time our specialised team will present you with a free Cleaning Kit for the day-to-day cleaning of your Doimo Cucine kitchen marked with a highly visible reminder to extend your warranty.


The kit comes in a box topped by a black paper cover whose inside face features a QR code personalised to each individual kitchen that is a link to request the extension of your warranty to 5 years. When the QR code is captured on your smartphone it will open a link to the Doimo Cucine warranty registration page. The page will already be filled out with information about your specific kitchen. All that is needed is to add your personal information and then download the product description for your kitchen with its relative warranty.


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