XGloss and XMatt

An eco-friendly kitchen? A kitchen with XGloss and XMatt fronts is respectful of the environment and the health of those who spend their time here. All without sacrificing aesthetics, thanks to glossy and matt finishes.

What are XGloss and XMatt?
Characteristics of XGloss and XMatt
Kitchen Fronts in XGloss and XMatt
How to Clean a Kitchen in XGloss and XMatt


XGloss and Xmatt are made from PET, polyethylene terephthalate, a PVC free and zero emissions plastic material, produced from petroleum or methane once and then recycled for the rest of its lifecycle. Plastic water bottles are made from PET and it is widely known that they are 100% recyclable and part of the vast green environment of eco-friendly products. XGloss and XMatt surfaces are produced in different thicknesses and then nanotechnologically treated to guarantee resistance. XGloss features a shiny surface while XMatt is opaque.

Characteristics of XGloss and XMatt

This green material is respectful of the environment and human life throughout its lifecycle and regeneration: its notable hygienic qualities have made it a pillar in the food, cosmetics and pharmacological industries. It also respects the environment during disposal, because it emits no harmful components. Cabinetry in XGloss and XMatt is:

  • resistant to stains
  • discretely resistant to impact
  • available in a range of glossy and matt colours
  • economical

We suggest using an exhaust hood when cooking for long periods of time or when cooking foods that release a high amount of aqueous vapour.


XGloss and XMatt panels are used for vertical elements, which means for base, tall and wall units’ doors. Doimo Cucine uses 0.25 mm sheets of PET, press-glued with a polyurethane adhesive that resists heat, vapour, humidity and water. Sheets are applied to medium density fibreboard (MDF) panels with minimum formaldehyde emissions (class E1, UNI EN 13986/2005), soon to be certified CARB P2, as required for export to the United States of America. The inner face is finished in melamine and the edges in ABS, both in the same colour as the front. For shelves and open elements, panels are finished on 2 sides in XGloss and XMatt with edges in matching ABS. Available in a range of colours, these materials are offered in shiny XGloss and opaque XMatt, in step with the latest trends.


PET is highly practical because it is resistant and easy to clean, in addition to being particularly hygienic. That said, it is always best to immediately wipe away any deposits of water, wine, coffee or other liquids using a damp cloth or paper towel. PET should be cleaned using only a soft microfibre cloth and neutral liquid detergent. Rinse with a damp cloth and hot water and dry thoroughly.

  • abrasive products or sponges and wire brushes.
  • acetone, alcohol or detergents containing chlorine or other aggressive ingredients, such as formic acid based descaling agents, drain cleaners, hydrochloric acid, silver cleaners, oven cleaners and bleaching products.
  • hot objects, including ovens or other appliances unless they are well insulated on the side touching the surface.