Safeguarding the environment as an investment in the future of the human race and the Planet involves diverse aspects of daily operations at Doimo Cucine. It ranges from the choice of materials to the type of packaging, from the large garden that surrounds our factory to the use of photovoltaic panels to provide 95% of our energy.

Our Photovoltaic System

5,300 sq. m of factory

376,000 kg reduction in Co2 emitted into the atmosphere each year

49,000 trees saved each year

95% of required energy supplied

Doimo Cucine for the Environment

Doimo Cucine kitchen cabinetry is realised in ecological IdroLEB panels. Water resistant and made from 100% recycled wood certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) they boast some of the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world according to the F-Four Star Japanese Industrial Standard, even more rigid than that employed in Europe. Once our kitchens are built we ship them in packaging made from recycled materials optimised in weight and volume to reduce the impact of their disposal.
At Doimo Cucine the sensibility toward an ecological and eco-compatible approach is evident, for example, in the large park surrounding our factory that occupies approximately 15% of the site, and in our 5,300 square meter photovoltaic system. It provides 95% of the energy we need and notably reduces pollution: an amazing 376,000 kg reduction in Co2 emitted into the atmosphere and 49,000 trees saved!

Ecological Panels

Doimo Cucine uses ecological IdroLEB panels made from 100% FSC certified post-consumer wood with some of the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the world for this type of product.

FSC and F**** Certificates

FSC Mix certified panels because they are made from a combination of wood/cellulose from FSC certified forests, from controlled and/or post-consumer recycled sources; certified 4STARS because they emit an extremely low quantity of formaldehyde.

Packaging that Disappears

Because the packaging utilised by Doimo Cucine is made from recycled materials and optimised in terms of weight and volume disposal is simple and fast.

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