Who We Are

We have been building quality Made in Italy kitchens since 1994. From this moment onward we have continued to grow. We know how to respond to contemporary taste and transform it into many different forms. This is how we express ideas, emotions and the daily lives of our clients in an environment that reflects their lives and ensures that everyone feels at home.

Quality Kitchens Made in Italy Since 1994

A company that is always on the move

An institutional video describes Doimo Cucine and the people who make it grow. It focuses on how a new project takes life, how the automation of our warehouse offers important results and how communication tools support the work of our retailers.

From the Veneto to the World

Doimo Cucine produces quality kitchens with a contemporary soul. They speak about today’s lifestyles that unfold in the true heart of the home. We were born in 1994 in Nervesa della Battaglia, a small town in the Treviso countryside in Northern Italy. From here we have expanded out into the world, into more than 40 different countries. We now belong to a holding company established by the heirs of Ettore Doimo, the Gruppo WE.DO, created to bring a new impulse to our growth.

Made in Italy

Doimo Cucine produces everything in Italy. We are rooted in our territory, the Veneto, an area with a long-standing tradition of carpentry craftsmanship. This is the tradition that inspires us: an attentive study of models, the accurate selection of materials, an attention to detail and Italian good taste. Naturally, we have updated these principles to the era we live in. We also consider and use the latest technologies and new materials.

Doing Things Well

“More than just doing things, we want to do them well. For all of us”. This is the mission that allows Doimo Cucine to produce lasting and robust kitchens, in harmony with people’s expectations about furnishing the space-fulcrum of their homes and their lives.

  • Quality. Our kitchens last because they of the highest quality, controlled at each step of every process, from design to production, by the most skilled technicians.
  • Innovation. The R&D sector at Doimo Cucine is constantly striving to develop and keep ahead of the latest technologies and characteristics and uses of new materials. This allow us to offer solutions, special touches and accessories of the highest quality, each better than its predecessor and always respectful of the environment.
  • Style. All of the possible combinations offered by our All-arounD system have a contemporary soul, yet each also expresses a specific lifestyle because the beauty of the world is precisely its variety. This is why we work side by side with designers, creatives and industry specialists with a knack for capturing the latest design trends and translating them into real projects.


Quality production requires an operative approach focused on elevated standards.



Designed for retailers, it showcases current compositions created from the All-arounD system.



We consider an ecologically sustainable approach as an investment in the future of the human race and the Planet.