Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets make the most of spaces without a countertop to efficiently complete the organisation of the kitchen. They are perfect for storing larger quantities of food, larger pots and pans and even the vast majority of built-in appliances, as well as pull out work surfaces. When closed, everything returns to an ordered harmony and an elegant and uniform appearance.

Tall Cabinet Characteristics
Tall Cabinet Installations
Wall Mounted Tall Cabinets
Corner Tall Cabinets
Tall Cabinet Positions

Tall Cabinet Characteristics

Tall cabinets vary in their dimensions. Doimo Cucine proposes cabinets between 99 and 216 cm in height, with a single front, arriving up to 240 cm with two overlapping front panels. For those looking for more, we also offer extension cabinets that fill the space to the underside of the ceiling.
The solutions offered by modular kitchens make the most of every space, even the most minimal, thanks to the availability of narrow tall cabinet modules or corner units, always fitted with baskets that occupy the entire depth of the cabinetry, as well as its height.
The intelligent use of space is also ensured by the cabinet fronts because, in addition to classical overlay models, they are also available with full extension or retractable hardware. Tall cabinets also feature shelving, proposed by Doimo Cucine in glass, aluminium framed glass or particle board, or deep drawers in metal or wood, as well as various internal mechanisms with metal baskets and trays.
Internal accessories for tall cabinets also include LED lighting systems, special modules for storing brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and practical pull out work surfaces, ideal for small kitchen appliances like mixers or juicers.

Tall Cabinet Installations

Wall Mounted Tall Cabinets. Classical tall cabinets set against the wall of a close room, or used to divide an open living space. Two variations on this theme include built-in cabinets, set into existing or specially designed gypsum board niches to absorb columns or other structural elements, and semi-suspended tall cabinets. These latter are only partially inserted in a niche in the wall, with the effect that they project out from the wall and appear to be semi-suspended above the floor.
Corner Tall Cabinets. These units have come along way over the years. Modern modular kitchens offers a vast range of corner solutions for exploiting every space, in many cases coupled with full extension rack systems.

Tall Cabinet Positions

Tall End Cabinets. To ensure comfortable movements in the kitchen, based on well organised, efficient and natural work flows, tall cabinets should always be placed at the end of a kitchen configuration.
Full Height Tall Cabinets. Tall cabinets can also reach from floor to ceiling, inserting extension modules to use all of the available height for storage.
Distance between tall cabinets and the sink or cooktop. 30 cm is the minimum recommended distance for cooking and cleaning without banging into the sides of tall cabinets, ensuring easy clean up and limiting eventual damages from water or vapour, which help increase the life of the cabinetry.
Pantry cabinets. Pantry cabinets, accessorised to store food for longer periods of time, are handy when they are close to the cooktop and oven, ensuring that everything is at hand. Pantry cabinets often also contain one or more ovens.
Refrigerator cabinet. A practical solution is to locate the refrigerator near the sink to ensure that food is removed from the refrigerator and quickly transferred to the sink to be washed or cleaned.