Cleaning Kit

Every Doimo Cucine kitchen comes with our Cleaning Kit. It contains a universal product for the effective cleaning of every surface we use in the kitchen, a microfibre cloth for drying and a magic sponge for stubborn stains.

A Universal Detergent

Our Cleaning Kit contains a non-invasive, non-aggressive, odourless and colourless neutral disinfectant-detergent ideal for cleaning all of the materials Doimo Cucine uses in its kitchens. We chose it after studying the best professional products available on the market with the single objective of simplifying the cleaning of every surface and the conviction that one optimum product is better than a range of different products.

Cleaning Instructions

The detergent was selected for everyday cleaning that keeps stains from building up on kitchen surfaces. Spray it onto the stain and let it stand before removing it with the microfibre cloth included in the Kit. For more stubborn stains we also provide a magic sponge, ideal for removing yellowing and persistent food residue. Be careful not to overuse the sponge and never use it on more delicate materials such as lacquer finishes, for which it is too abrasive.

For More Information

The Cleaning Kit also features a special pocket for our Doimo Cucine Product Chart. Among other information, it contains recommendations for cleaning each single finish present in our kitchens. This means that our clients always have a succinct though specific manual at hand. The Doimo Cucine Product Chart is also available online here.

Removes dirt and stubborn stains without chemical detergents. Dampen and wring the sponge before gently rubbing the surface to be cleaned. The sponge works like an eraser. Do not use the sponge on polished surfaces, opaque paints or dark distressed surfaces.

A special detergent for cleaning and sanitising equipment used to prepare food. Suitable for all surfaces, it cleans by rapidly evaporating. Odourless and free of colouring agents.

Versatile and ideal for cleaning all materials found in the kitchen and other parts of the home. This type of cloth can be used with a detergent for removing grease, or simply with water. Used dry it is also ideal for capturing dirt and dust.

This manual summarises all the technical characteristics of the different materials, their correct use and appropriate maintenance (technical aspects, guarantees, elements, product characteristics, materials and maintenance). Sheets also include warranty conditions. Download the product information sheet.