Base Cabinets

The base cabinets are the support for the countertop, the operative heart of the kitchen. They are made of a frame, set on feet, with or without a baseboard, with cabinet fronts and shelves or drawers and/or deep drawers, covered by the countertop. Doimo Cucine base cabinets feature a frame in highly resistant 1.8 cm thick particleboard, like the majority of other models on the market. Our countertops and cabinet fronts are available in numerous materials that satisfy the most personal styles and technical requirements, bolstered by Doimo Cucine’s decision to offer frames in three different colours: white, sand grey and anthracite.

Standard Bases
Floor Mounted Bases
Suspended Bases
Special Bases
Base Cabinets for Cooktops
Under Sink Base Cabinets
Base Cabinets for Ovens
Base Cabinets for Built-in Appliances
Shallow Base Cabinets
Corner Base Cabinets

Standard Bases

Floor Mounted Bases. Classic base cabinets on feet, with or without a baseboard, sitting on the floor. Doimo Cucine models range in height from 78 to 81 cm, depending on the opening system. These dimensions can be increased to create a more comfortable kitchen for taller people by modifying the height of the baseboard, the frame and the countertop.
Suspended Bases. Suspended from the wall, designed to support their weight, these base cabinets are ideal for very tall people. They are also available in a standard format: for Doimo Cucine 60 cm with a handle and 63 cm with a groove handle, or in smaller sizes of 39 cm with a handle and 40.5 cm with a groove handle. All of the brackets we use to fix our cabinets to the wall are tested to support the weight of stoneware. This is because appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are larger, and because the oven, for example, is best located in a tall cabinet where it is easier to use.
Whether they sit on the floor or are suspended from the wall, base cabinets are generally 60 cm deep, including the front, which means they offer a net useable depth of 50 cm. It is necessary to remember that a few centimetres at the back serve to create a gap to ensure a healthier environment and increase the durability of the cabinetry. This space is also required for the brackets.

Special Bases

Base cabinets are used primarily to store food, stoneware and pots and pans, all of which can be easily and neatly ordered using accessories for drawers and deep drawers. They become even more practical when fitted with internal lighting. Bases are also available in the following special configurations.

Base cabinets for cooktops, without a top panel to allow for the insertion of the cooktop, while the back of the frame features metal tie bars that stabilise the frame and guarantee the space required for the passage of gas and/or electrical connections.
Under sink base cabinets, with overlay cabinet fronts, they feature an opening in the top of the frame for the sink bowls and a base finished in aluminium to increase hygiene, facilitate cleaning and increase resistance to water; when requested this finish can also be applied to the insides of the frame.
Base cabinets for ovens, with a broad range of looks (including the possibility to insert drawers or cabinet fronts below the oven). All of these frames are without a back panel, substituted by metal tie bars that stabilise the frame and guarantee the space required for the passage of gas and/or electrical connections.
Base cabinets for built-in appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, ovens or small under counter refrigerators.
Shallow base cabinets (approx. 35 cm), a practical choice for an island or peninsula kitchen to create a back to back arrangement of base cabinets accessible from two sides.
Corner base cabinets, available in numerous variations to adapt to different corners, with one or two fronts, as required, they can be fitted with a range of special accessories and full extension hardware.