The hidden life of nature

Imagine shifting watercourses. They meet and transform, lapping at forest-covered mountains that gradually lose their colour and grow scabrous. A beauty of sharp contrasts and fragmented structures, just like this kitchen: a wall-mounted block were the cooktop fronts an island sink; the pantry area stands to the side.

Set in a niche, the pantry is composed of spacious tall cabinets, given a leading role by the application of black aluminium Rail handles. Applied to the panels, they simulate a groove handle and introduce an original aesthetic, a play of vertical and horizontal lines on the surface of Synchroface graniglia Basalto panels.



1 Synchroface ceramic effect Basalto | 2 Black Aluminium | 3 Fenix NTM® Nero | 4 Dark graphite metal | 5 Anthracite | 6 Sawn walnut veneer | 7 HPL Laminate ceramic effect Basalto

Fluid oppositions and rapprochements: the snack counter in Fenix NTM® Nero unites. The same material is used for the double height upper cabinets fronting the Modular elements in Dark graphite metal applied to the countertop in laminate HPL ceramic effect Basalto. The sculptural mono-block of the island is finished in Walnut Veneer, the same material used for the base cabinets on the opposite wall.


In “The Hidden Life of Nature” composition, the groove and applied handles decorate the harmonious continuity of panels that are smooth on all four sides.

Base Cabinets featuring panels with integrated Rail handles, thickness 23 mm.

Base Cabinets with smooth panels (4 sides) and push-pull mechanism, thickness 23 mm.

Upper Cabinets with smooth panels (4 sides) and groove handle, thickness 23 mm.

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