Sounding silence

Listen to the silence. Vast skies colour the mountains, a calm sea of ice and light fog speak of a secret story that takes you home. Here, a kitchen holds the memory of this precious story and welcomes you into a functional gulf space that allows for easy and rapid movements.

A fil rouge of candid colours: base cabinets in shiny XGloss Bianco, countertop and side panel to the snack area in laminate HPL Statuario Liscio and, most importantly, the illuminated splash, framed by upper and tall cabinets in Synchroface planked oak Sesamo. The backlit splash features magnetic accessories (containers, paper towel dispenser, utensil racks).



1 White Aluminium | 2 XGloss Bianco | 3 White | 4 Black Metal | 5 HPL laminate Statuario Liscio | 6 Synchroface planked oak Sesamo

This gulf kitchen is opened up by tall and upper cabinets recessed in a large niche. The first tall cabinet features three easy to pull out, deep and spacious drawers, flanked by a block of extra-large ovens. For cooking this kitchen also features the Domino modular system, integrated into the countertop to create a personalised cooking area.


“Sounding Silence” is a gulf kitchen that gives voice to the structure and materials, while the panels and handles opt for silence and perfect functionality.

Base Cabinets with smooth panels (4 sides) and groove handle, thickness 23 mm.

Base Cabinets with smooth panels (4 sides) and push-pull mechanism, thickness 23 mm.

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