Between sky and sea

Imagine an ethereal place, where a wild land bows to man, its spirit embodied in wood and stone, and gently embracing day to day life in an organised open space. The operative spaces for cooking, washing and food preparation are located in front of one another. Everything is completed by a highly functional snack counter.

Tall cabinets in Synchroface planked oak Pepe are both elegant and composed. Fitted with pocket doors, they open up to reveal a functional space for appliances. This new material ensures an appreciable resistance and introduces the tactile sensation of wood, also used to finish the back of the tall glass-fronted cabinets, internally illuminated from the sides.



1 Synchroface planked oak Pepe | 2 Bronze transparent glass | 3 XMatt Malto | 4 Black Aluminium | 5 Anthracite | 6 Ceramic Nero Greco

The central island is cloaked in the colours of nature: neutral base cabinets in XMatt Malto, with a snack counter in Synchroface planked oak Pepe and main counter in Gres Nero Greco, which sculpts the imposing form of the sinks. The groove handles of the deep cabinets define the appearance of the island and introduce horizontal decorations across its surface.


The composition “Between Sky and Sea” is rooted in linearity and functionality. This is reflected in clean and essential panels, integrated groove handles or tubular handles.

Base cabinets with 30° chamfered panels and flat groove handles, thickness 23 mm.

Tall cabinets with smooth fronts (4 sides) and handles, thickness 23 mm.

Aspen Upper Cabinets featuring panels with an internal Black aluminium frame and groove handle, thickness 20 mm.

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