What distances should be provided between kitchen cabinets?

The distances between kitchen cabinets also contribute to an ergonomic result. In fact, this space must permit movements, even when other people are present

When designing a kitchen always consider the space for opening cabinets and the eventual passage of more than one person at the same time.

The distance from the dishwasher in a kitchen demands the most attention to ergonomics as it occupies 80 cm when open. This dimension needs to be increased by the space required for someone using this appliance and someone else passing behind. For this reason, it is a good idea to consider a clear distance of at least 170 cm for the wall the delimits the space in front of this appliance, and 120 cm in the presence of a table, whose presence hints at the fact that others may require an alternative space of passage.

Another typical distance to be calculated is that for opening drawers and deep drawers. To ensure it is functional, and permits the passage of a second person, it is a good idea to allow for at least 135 cm from a wall or other obstacle in front.