Tips for cleaning kitchen drawers and deep drawers.

The best way to clean kitchen drawers and deep drawers is with a soft dry cloth; use the same cloth to clean the hinges, drawer slides and internal accessories such as trays and pull out mechanisms.

A vacuum cleaner is ideal for removing dust and crumbs that have found their way into drawer slides.
When cleaning, avoid:

  • detergents, above all corrosive ones, such as acids and halogens (chlorides, bromides, iodides), chloride-based solutions (i.e. bleach) and muriatic acid
  • devices that emit vapour
  • steel sponges, abrasive substances and powder detergents

Finally, it is a good idea never to leave bottles containing detergents or chemical products open inside kitchen cabinetry. Over time this can cause the oxidation of the different hardware components of the cabinetry structure.