Renewing a kitchen without changing it: can I change only the doors?

Changing a kitchen without changing the cabinetry. With Doimo Cucine you can substitute the cabinet fronts, the most visible part of any kitchen.

To do this, contact the retailer who sold you your Doimo Cucine kitchen, or any one of our retailers, to receive the necessary technical evaluations and understand whether:

  • the dimensions of the components are still available (doors, cabinets, upper cabinets, etc.); some elements go out of production, and new ones are no longer compatible
  • there are elements with exposed ends, which require that the entire cabinet be replaced
  • it is possible to use the same type of hinge or other compatible model

Our retailers are also available to visit your home to evaluate the situation first-hand and understand whether, and if, changes can be made to the doors of base, upper and tall cabinets without replacing the cabinetry itself.