How to make a kitchen more ergonomic using lights and technical solutions?

Doimo Cucine proposes various technical solutions and lighting to improve the ergonomics of the kitchen to facilitate its use and avoid fatigue and accidents.

To make it easy to arrange, see and find items with respect to the limitations of applied doors, deep drawers in base units (1) and pull out mechanisms for corner cabinets and tall units (4 and 5) are now a must.

To avoid frequent accidents like banging into cabinet doors when moving around the kitchen, options include lift doors or pocket doors in tall units (2 and 3) or in upper cabinets above worktops.

For the best experience and most ergonomic kitchen the final touch is given by lighting. In addition to lights normally positioned in the room, options include those applied to cabinetry. For example, LEDs that illuminate worktops or are activated by opening drawers and deep drawers or cabinet doors in general (6 and 7).