What is the correct exhaust hood for an induction cooktop?

Induction cooktops require an exhaust hood that eliminates condensation. Doimo Cucine suggests using exhaust hoods designed specifically for induction cooktops.

This latest generation of exhaust hoods draws air out of the kitchen while simultaneously replacing it to keep vapour from condensing, make sure it rises and channel it toward the hood.
Induction cooking produces a great deal of vapour, which tends to condense on wall tiles, backsplashes, upper cabinets and, in general, anything in its proximity. This occurs because the heat produced directly on the bottom of pots and pans is directly transferred to food. This creates a heat differential, an important difference in temperature, between the warm element and the cooler air beneath the exhaust hood. This vapour can be particularly “heavy” and, as it tends not to rise, condenses inside the kitchen.

We recommend:

  • choosing an exhaust hood that covers the entire cooktop
  • choosing an exhaust hood that matches the performance of the cooktop
  • always using an exhaust hood while cooking and immediately after
  • cooking with lids to minimise the amount of vapour
  • drying any eventual condensation that may have formed immediately after you have finished cooking

Consult our Guide to selecting a kitchen for additional considerations about exhaust hoods.