Vogue is a contemporary classical kitchen, with framed fronts in wood or lacquered MDF, featuring thin frames with handles or push-pull mechanisms. Vogue privileges rich materials, solid wood open shelving, refined consoles and credenzas. The Contemporary version flaunts elegant and linear geometries, enriched by planes of volumes of differing depths; the Luxury version boasts rich, sophisticated and discernible details.

Classical Contemporary Design

This U shaped peninsula version of Vogue Contemporary is enriched by a work surface in Corian®, mixing tradition and modernity. Open shelving introduces movement to this broad and spacious composition, enhanced by upper and tall pantry cabinets with traditional framed fronts in oak or transparent bronze glass.

Wall Unit Moulding

Upper and tall cabinets are linked by a cornice bridging the window opening below.

Open Shelving

The peninsula terminates with an open shelving unit in solid Zolfo oak.


Vogue’s modular elements can be used to create this credenza with shaped legs and polished stainless steel feet.

Focus on

Steel Accents

The contemporary classical style of Vogue is evident in a selection of decorations. Sophisticated and inspired by the past, they include curls embellishing upper cabinets and shaped legs for tables and consoles. Polished stainless steel brings a touch of the modern to often simple details, like these oval feet.


The traditional cornices of classical kitchens receive a contemporary makeover with Vogue, thanks to selected forms and finishes. They embrace and in some cases exalt upper and tall cabinets and open shelving, small or large, or large enough to become bookshelves in the dining area.

Open Shelving

Vogue solid wood open shelving is the ideal completion to an island, peninsula or linear kitchen, enriched by a central frieze. Whatever the choice, they open up views and introduce practical ways to ensure that everyday objects are always close by.

A Kitchen in Eucalyptus

Vogue Contemporary: eucalyptus wood and stainless steel bring a modern touch to framed fronts. A linear configuration with tall pantry cabinets is divided and fitted with 90 cm wide appliances. The composition is completed by a contemporary linear console.

Special Volumes for the Cooking Area

A thick and deep volume finished in stainless steel with front mounted controls and eucalyptus fronts defines the cooking area.

Open Shelving

Three solid wood open shelving modules below the wall units are completed by a central décor.


A contemporary console for the dining area in eucalyptus with a thin worktop and stainless steel oval feet.

Vogue Catalogue
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