Easy is the kitchen for everyone. It is the ideal solution for those seeking an affordable quality modular kitchen. The vast selection of finishes, from polymers (glossy and matt colours or wood effect) to lacquers (glossy, matt, super matt and metal effect) to the most contemporary melamine finishes, allows for a variety of compositions with wall units and boiserie with LED illuminated shelving or tall wall cabinets that resemble mini kitchen cabinets.

A Kitchen With Granite

This kitchen features a sophisticated granite combined with dark super matt lacquer and inserted in modern atmosphere with a taste for all things dark. The working area with pantry, comprised of different sized modules and open shelving, is set between tall units and an island. The kitchen is further enriched by open modules and a table that almost create a C shaped model.

Showcase Wall Units

Wall units with frosted grey glass doors with black aluminium frame and internal LED lighting.

End Side Panel with Groove Profile

The practical groove profile of the base units continues as an elegant feature on the end side panels.


The table is supported by the open shelving units. A narrow structure and surface in varnished metal.

Drawer Accessories

Drawer accessories for the kitchen include internal dividers, such as the elegant cutlery trays in natural wood and steel.

Focus on

New materials in the kitchen: copper, brass, iridium and titanium. The metal effect brings sparkles of light, even to the darkest tones. It is only an effect: the material is a solid lacquer finish, durable and easy to clean.

Comfortable Modular Kitchens

A modular kitchen makes it easy to furnish large spaces. A sophisticated combination joins the cleanliness of a candid white polymer, with a glowing glossy finish, and the aged effect of wood-look polymer with raised veining. The island model becomes a peninsula when the snack table is used as a connection.

Polymer Finish

A kitchen in polymer doors is accessible to anyone, with easy-to-personalise finishes, colours that last over time and are easy to clean.

Snack Table

The Cemento finish snack table stands out against the white base units. Joining the island to the wall run base units, you add a practical working area.

Making it Easy to Work in the Kitchen

Easy is a quality modular kitchen that is easy to configure. The solution that places the tall units with built-in oven and refrigeration zone behind the cooktop and to the side of the sinks creates an ideal triangulation for making it easy to work in the kitchen.

Lacquered Groove Profile

Tall units with push-pull opening or matt lacquered groove profile in bright turquoise pastel.

Cemento Laminate Worktop

The island features a worktop in Cemento laminate, combined with the base units’ doors in Cemento Polvere melamine.

Down Draft Concealed Hood

The Down Draft Hood is concealed in the worktop for a clean look near the cooktop.

Easy Catalogue
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