Aspen is a collection with ecological soul. It is a modular kitchen with aluminium frame, 100% recyclable, with applied panels of the chosen finish, for example Fenix NTM®, hygienic, anti-fingerprint and soft to the touch.
The versatile design of Aspen is due to the modularity and to the aluminium frame to be coverted at will. It is possible to create movement even in a composition of all order and symmetry, refined by the combination of Fenix NTM®, Cenere knotted oak, glass and black Marquinia Marble.

Kitchen and open space living

Kitchen and living together in one room? The elegance and adaptability of Doimo Cucine modules furnish the living room with taste and naturalness, for example with open compartments and wall units, which are reinvented as sospende base units.

75 cm doors

Classic 60 cm wide tall units next to 75 cm wide tall units to accommodate, for example, more capacious refrigerators.

Fenix NTA®

On the island, the Fenix ​​NTA® Acciaio worktop looks like a metallic surface, silky to the touch and resistant to scratches.

Double groove

The double intermediate groove, between the deep drawers and the drawers of the base units, makes the opening practical and gives rhythm to the kitchen.

Focus on

Aluminium frame

Aspen is a kitchen with an extruded aluminum frame, consisting of four elements joined at 45°, visible only when the door is open. The structure is light and very solid, corrosion resistant, durable, 100% recyclable.

Comfortable opening

The upper part of the door is carved to facilitate the grip when opening.
To make it even easier, the frame is milled, worked with small grooves that make it rough, to provide an ideal handle.

Frame finishes

The internal frame where the panels is applied is visible only when the door is open. Then you notice its finish, Black or Champagne. They are elegant and refined like Aspen, easy to combine with the colours chosen for the kitchen.

Panels for the doors

The door is covered with a 4-6 mm thick panel, available among the wide range of Aspen finishes. The aesthetic result is very versatile. It ranges from glass to wood, to Fenix ​​NTM® and NTA®, gres and Stratificato HPL, to simulate stone and cement.

HPL Stratificato kitchen

In addition to the kitchen worktops, in Stratificato HPL there are base, tall and wall units. Made up of layers of cellulose fibers and resins,this material has excellent qualities. The HPL stratificato kitchens are hygienic, waterproof, resistant to use, to load and to steam.

Stratificato HPL

The base units of the island in stratificato HPL Pietra Palladio simulate real stone , an aesthetic choice of great impact.

Open elements

The practical open structures placed between the tall units are made of panels and shelves to give rhythm to the composition.

Sink and laminates

The laminate worktop with Unicolor edge allows you to insert a undermount sink with perfectly sealed bowls.

Glass Kitchen

The kitchens with glass doors are bright and refined, solid and durable. Thanks to these valuable characteristics, this material is proposed to cover the aluminum frames of Aspen and create modular kitchens with glass doors, between technique and design.


Waterproof, hygienic, scratch-resistant, tempered, with rounded edges, in matt or glossy finish.

Built-in tall units

The lower tall units appear to float, but they are partially built into a niche to be more stable.

Gres kitchen worktop

The Pietra di Savoia Grigia gres worktop is waterproof and resistant to bumps, scratches and abrasions.

Aspen Catalogue
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