04.05.2020: Doimo Cucine is back up and running

On Monday May 4 Doimo Cucine will reopen its factory, in total safety.

We will maintain all of the attention and care put into place before we closed, because our aim remains the same: protecting everyone who works for and interacts with Doimo Cucine.

In our offices and on the factory floor we have introduced the necessary distances between work stations and installed separation screens. Each station is provided with a sanitising spray, a microfibre cloth, a factory-sealed single-use surgical mask and a pair of single-use nitrile gloves.

We are organised to guarantee:

  • staggered arrivals
  • safe conditions during lunch breaks
  • protected circulation routes
  • clear procedures for going about daily activities that respect the “Shared protocol for the regulation of measures to contrast and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in workplaces”.

We are happy to be back to work!